About Azul

    Azul  was first established in 1985 in the Kendell Mall. We have always been known to bring the newest fashion first to the clothing market. We began as a underground store selling companies such as Boy Of London, Fiorucci, Trash & Vauldville and Patricia Field, with a Pair of Shredded jeans that defined the punk rock era of the 80's. Madonna was huge, lace gloves ,lace leggings, matched with a punk t-shirt and of course purple hairspray.We were all punks
     When the early 90's came we moved to Coconut Grove and South Beach. We transitioned to  a euro denim fashion store carrying collections like Replay, Rivet, Big E, Chevignon, Diesel, Chipee, Lee trevor and many more. Fashion was all about the wash or the weave of the denim, this defined this era. Beat up leather with holes worked, the more distressed the better it looked, The wornout look was what fashion was about.Leather jackets with a pair of replays and a cowboy boot for the complete denim experience.But of course it had to look old.The older the better,and if it looked dirty that was a plus..
     Going into the mid 90's, fashion changed once again. Everything was about the designer and their logos. We completely transformed into Couture, carrying lines like D Square, Dolce and Gabbana, Chloe, Cavalli, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Plein Sud, Christian Lacroix,Jean Paul Gaultier, and Versace. Fashion was completely about "THE BRAND" from clothes to shoes, to bags, belts and its accompaning accessories.Fashion was a runway show for the Haute Couture.Everybody dressed up ,it was all about status .A pair of Moschino jeans with a D & G shirt and a Cavalli belt looked great .Even your shoes had to be Versace ,not to mention your intimo ,which had to be D & G . Everything was FASHION....
       Going into 1997 and beyond, the fashion and music industry became one. Artists such as Biggie, Lil' Kim, JayZ, P Diddy, Gwen Stefani, and we cannot forget the incomparable Miss "Mary J. Blige" Not only did they change the fashion world but they all became our clients as well. The road to fashion led us from Couture to Urban Couture. Logos, baggie pants, oversize and labels such as Iceberg, History, D&G, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, became all of the rage. Music Drove Fashion to aunprecedented level that we never saw before.You were Identfined by the logo you wore. All celebrities were coming to us to style their videos and get them into a new wardrobe. Fashion was exploding for men as well as women.Everyhing was about how you put together your style.Prints were all over from Versace to Moschino .You loved your print. Iceberg was exploding ,there characters from the History collection were an urban sensation.XXXl was the size .The top had to match the pant ,with the hat ,the belt, and the shoe.This became a fashion craze.
   Welcome to 2015 the Social Media era. Facebook, Instagram,Twitter. Our lifestyles have completely changed The new craze is all about comfort and flowy which transends to soft and effortless for the modern working individual. We have become a designer resort wear store to reflect the   comfortability  of the social media generatiion. Experience the softness of Camilla, The bold prints from Mara Hofman, the sheerness of Lotta Stensson, palazzo pants from Rich Girl On Vacation and many more. Think of the Hamptons, St.Barts, Mykonos or a nice outfit for South Beach. Easy breezy fashion that can be worn to a poolside or a fab dinner at your favorite restaurant at the beach. Its all about fashion that can be worn as casual as you want to the same garment that you dress up to the max . It's all about versatility
Come enjoy the cabana Experience with us...